2015 i-Health Award Recipients

2015 i-Health award recipients

The i-Health Awards program recognizes outstanding students in the i-Health program at an annual awards ceremony each spring. Awards are provided in a number of categories including:

Academic Achievement Award

A yearning to learn is a MUST for the recipient of this award! This award is given to a student who has achieved both a GPA of 3.5 or higher and demonstrates academic excellence outside of the classroom. Achievements relevant to this award include the pursuit of opportunities that will enhance his or her learning experience such as research, paid or unpaid internships, study abroad, and extra-curricular activities among others.

Community Service Award

Service to the community is at the heart of the interdisciplinary program in Health. Students learn by doing and there is no better way than to give back to the community in which you live, work, and go to school. This award is given to a student who has gone above and beyond normal efforts to dedicate significant time and talent toward health-related service activities. The service activities should have impacts outside the boundaries of campus, and should connect with a cause that engages the public, reaches-out to others, and/or leads to healthier lifestyles and improved quality of life.

Leadership Award

Leadership is an important expectation of graduates from the University of Illinois, and the i-Health program is particularly conducive to nurturing leadership qualities due to its interdisciplinary nature, reliance on creativity and synthesis of disciplinary knowledge, and emphasis on community engagement. The purpose of the Leadership Award is to recognize a student who has contributed to the i-Health program in a significant manner by organizing new programs or opportunities for students, serving in a leadership capacity of an organization or professional group, and generally providing inspiration to others in their attitude and behavior.

Interdisciplinary Award

This award recognizes the student who has demonstrated an exceptional ability to learn about health from an interdisciplinary perspective. There are many ways to demonstrate this ability, including participation in volunteer activities, community service, research, internship, day to day actions, and academics. Through personal experiences and studies this student has built a framework that supports a “big picture” of health reflective of the interdisciplinary spirit of the i-Health program. The person receiving the Interdisciplinary Award has displayed an outstanding ability to integrate knowledge and synthesize their experiences.

Optimist Award

Awarded to the individual who brings exceptional positive energy to the classroom and curricular activities. This award recognizes the student who with extraordinary contributions to the overall learning experience in the classroom through enthusiasm, strong attendance, insightful questions and intelligent feedback during public discussions of class and other forums, and a contagious sense of confidence in making connections between health, community, and learning.

Transfer Student Award

This award is provided to an outstanding student who transfers into the i-Health program from another department or university sometime after their first-year of college. This student will demonstrate an ease in adapting to the College culture and enthusiasm to participate in the life of the College. In addition, the student will earn a high academic achievement with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Rising Star Award

This award recognizes students in their first year of college who have shown the potential for leadership and commitment to interdisciplinary thought and activities related to health.