Health and Diversity study abroad trip to Australia

Students enjoying a bushwalk near Port Augusta, mountains in background
group of 20 students standing in front of charter-size airplane with Royal Flying Doctors insignia

Top image: Students enjoying a bushwalk near Port Augusta

Above: Royal flying doctors service in Port Augusta

Below: Students getting a tour of the Royal Flying Doctors Service in Adelaide.

4 women students sitting inside the Royal Flying Doctors charter airplane, on the ground
group of 20 students being led up a steep grassy hill on a sunny day

Above: An Aboriginal elder leads students on a hike through his ancient lands to learn about bush medicine from one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world.
Below: Students take turns cooking meals in the outback. Camp Pichi Richi overlooks the Flinders Ranges, the oldest mountain range on the world.
Bottom image: On the last day of the trip, the group stands in front of the Sydney skyline.

4 students cooking on patio grills, mountains in the background
group of 30 students with skyline of Syndney, Australia, behind them, including the Sydney Opera House