Welcome to the I-Health Advising home page! My name is Beth Frasca, and I am happy to have the opportunity to work with you regarding your academic and career plans, assist you with schedules, course selection, tutoring, special programs, and career information. If you are an I-Health student you will also receive periodic announcements from me. Please be sure to read through them completely for important deadlines and exciting opportunities. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to stop in to say hello or e-mail me with general questions using my contact information below:


  • 226 Huff Hall
  • 1206 South Fourth Street
  • Champaign, IL 61820
  • Beth Frasca: 217-300-0315, bfrasca@illinois.edu



All advising meetings are held in 226 Huff Hall and available by appointment through on-line scheduling. Pre-registration appointments are mandatory for all i-Health students and are scheduled for 30 minutes. Should you feel you need more time, feel free to schedule another appointment with me after all students have been seen. I’d be happy to help! Walk-in hours are also available at the beginning of the semester and will be posted on my office door as well as through email. Hours are subject to change, so please email me directly should you have any questions and view your email!

I-Health Advising Hours



  1. All students will receive an email from me at the beginning of the semester which contains a link to an online scheduler to make your appointment. Please be sure to have your UIN and UIUC email address available.
  2. Appointments are required, so please do not miss your appointment or a hold will be put on your account.
  3. Once you receive a time ticket (which tells you the date of when you can register) you will have a better understanding of when you’ll be able to meet with me during the semester. Seniors, juniors, athletes and James Scholars will have priority registration and thus will be seen earlier for advising.
  4. Your time ticket will be sent to you via email, but if for some reason you did not receive this, you can contact registration@illinois.edu to access your time ticket.  Tentative schedules are available at Online Registration. https://registrar.illinois.edu/time-tickets
  5. What can I do if I cannot register? If you are having difficulty registering please send me an email with your UIN, NET ID and error code you are receiving and I’ll try to help you! Here is a link to common registration errors.
  6. How do I register? Please refer to our registration link on our advising website